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My new record, Queen, and Childbirth... In that order.  

Good news! I am officially starting my last week of mixing for my new album The Tourist. I figured I'd take this time to tell you all a little more about the project, while simultaneously procrastinating from actually mixing the project... Don't judge. YOU try listening the same songs thousands of times and try not to get a little bit sick of them! Hell, we all love Bohemian Rhapsody, but after listening to it over and over for weeks on end, you'd probably be praying the they just execute that freaking poor boy so you could get on with your day. Maybe not. Maybe you're the biggest Queen fanatic there is, and you wake up every morning smiling at the majestic portrait of Freddy Mercury hanging reassuringly above your bed, silently letting you know that everything is going to be okay. But if that's the case, this may not be the blog for you. I love Queen as much as the next guy, but my music sounds nothing like them. But I digress... 

Most of my last record, In the Morning, I completed myself over the course of four years. I started working on it when I was a baby faced 15-year-old, and just sort of noodled away at it until one day it was finished. I had many great musicians play on it, and that certainly helped the project, but I was really just figuring out everything on the fly. Six years, and four years of school for audio engineering later, there are many things on the The Tourist that I am doing differently. As a result of that, this project will definitely sound a lot different than what you might expect after listening to In the Morning. One of the biggest differences from the last In the Morning came when I enlisted the help of Skyler Crank to help produce and mix the project. You can hear some of his stuff at . If you listen to his stuff, the first thing you will probably realize is that it sounds absolutely nothing like anything I have done. One of the reasons I have really enjoyed working on The Tourist is that Skyler and I's default music sensibilities are so different. There is definitely some overlap (we both have had mad love for NIN for a long time), but overall we just listen to different kinds of music. Because of this, when we came together to work on The Tourist, we were focused on simply making the best record that we could from the songs that I had written, rather than trying to adhere to a specific genre or any preconceived notion of what I should sound like. 

Later this fall, you all will be able to decide for yourselves if our hard work over the last year has paid off. Personally, I am very proud of this record, and it feels truer to myself. It is definitely a combination of all my influences from the musical spectrum. I'm definitely ready to cut the umbilical cord and let the record speak for itself. Though, that analogy probably isn't the best, since technically you're legally obligated to put food into a baby's mouth and make sure it doesn't die for 18 years after you cut the cord... Plus, I apologize profusely if any of you are picturing me giving birth. I'm regretting this metaphor more and more with every word I type. Time to wrap this up. 

Best luck with all your endeavors! 


P.S. Now I'm in the mood to go listen to some Queen. 


The City Street (Acoustic) 

Hello people. 

I'm going to have new information about the new album coming up shortly. In the meantime, an acoustic version of The City Streets is now available to download for free at 



August Shows 

Hello internet! We have three shows that we are very excited about coming up this month in the Chicagoland area. 

August 14th- Rebekah and I are doing an acoustic set at Book and Bean Cafe. (All Ages)

August 20th- The full band is closing out the night at The Empty Bottle along with Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, Marian McLaughlin, and American Wolf. (21 & Over) 

August 31st- The full band is opening up for Howie Day at Mojoes along withJoe Renardo music. (All Ages. For tickets, email 

We are really pumped to rock out and share the stage with other great musicians! I hope we will see you there. 


Gabriel Reid.